Sleep paralysis is a heated debate,  There is  science supporting and explaining sleep paralysis, so what’s the problem?

Science can tell you what your body is doing, what your brain is doing.

It’s the question of why, Why do people see similar things, why so many cases of shadow people? Shadow men with red eyes, shadow men with a hat, old hags?

Science has a theory of this, but not facts.   Please click here to view the scientific theories page

We could say, sure we are all human, why wouldn’t we see these specific visions, but if that enough to accept?

People who experience the horrific visions during sleep paralysis do not think so, they are left with no hard explanation as to why thousands of people all over the world see  things which are quite often extremely similar, one quick google search of a ‘shadow sleep paralysis’, or a ‘hat man sleep paralysis’ and you have unlimited pages of peoples accounts from countries all over the world with remarkably similar encounters and image interpretations.

There are hundreds of different “visions” people claim, including cats, demons, goblins, old fashioned children, people, whispering in their ears but shadow people and the ‘old hag’ seem to be the biggest talk,  possibily the most common visions.

When you can’t move,  you’re lying in bed, cannot  lift your head, arms or speak or scream, your eyes are open, watching the clock, watching your family walk in and out of your room getting ready, everything is absolutely real and your family will confirm you knew exactly what they were doing, there is no debate to that, Some people claim to see things with their eyes closed too,   we sense some malevolent presence in the room, looming over us. Scientists note that is a naturally occurring symptom of deep REM sleep, our body is temporarily paralyzed to stop us from acting out in our dreams,  so we’re conscious, ‘awake’ before our nervous system kicks back in. The reverse being sleep walking….

Few people have claimed joint visions, so when two people dream the same sight in the same room (one waking up to see the ‘monster’ leaning over their partner who is in sleep paralysis’ at that exact same moment).

It’s very easy for people who don’t suffer with this to accept scientific theories and move on, As with most things, but anyone who has experienced the worst,  who have seen these things in absolutely solid form in their room are left with much more fear and difficulty in accepting the answers given so far.

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