Paranormal Theories


When we say ‘paranormal’ we are not reffering to magic or ghost hunting. we refer to something which we try to explain when science falls short of an explanation,  since science is unable to provide us with any facts, only theories of why we see things,  it becomes an existance which lies beyond what we perceive as normal.

People have created their own theories from personal experience and beliefs. Please click here to view the history and culture page for a look back on beliefs all over the world.

Suprisingly, it’s not just people who suffer from sleep paralysis who experience these ‘encounters’,

shadow people are a common vision, from people with sleep problems and neurological diseseases,  Unlike sleep paralysis, Some people have remarkably similar shadow visions, but whilst being wide awake and fully capable of moving.

most paranormal researchers agree that Shadow People are not human entities, ghosts or demons.

Year aften year, the description almost always stays the same. Shadow People  appear as a dark, indistinguishable shape or mass or a silhouetted shape of a person. It is said that they can appear with a hat or a hood.They have no facial features. They’re simply a “shadow”. And they’re darker than dark; so dark that their silhoutte can be seen in a pitch black home. Most of the time, they do nothing… just observe although a number of sufferers claim to have been attacked by these shadows.

Characteristics of a Shadow Person:

  • Male-like though gender is not obvious.
  • Could be female in nature, but rare.
  • Usually very tall.
  • Usually seen in a trench coat/cloak, or old fashion type over coat.
  •  The “Hat shadow man” Usually has a big hat:  Example top hat.
  • 3-D in shape or opaque.
  • No eyes, though occasionally red eyes have been reported.
  •  fast almost like lightning speed.
  • Usually very silent.
  • Seem to have mass.
  • Seem to be able to defy common laws of physics (ex: can move through walls).
  • Can look spirit like/demonic.

Beings from Another Dimension

Scientists are open to the possiblity of other dimensions out there, The majority of sufferers support theories about dimensions and believe that Shadow People have either found a way to enter into our dimension or have acidentally slipped into “our side”.


Religious people do believe sleep paralysis is a demonic attack.

They believe the causes for sleep paralysis are as follows:

 1. If you have been involved with occult on various levels. (Ouija Board, Tarot Cards etc)
2. Generational doors have been opened by someone in your family line by occult involvement.
3. Highly demonized object in your possession.
Religious people believe that the secret in stopping sleep paralysis is through the authority of Jesus Christ.