Shadow People

Although people with sleep paralysis often see shadow people, Shadow people are not limited to just sleep paralyis sufferers, A lot of people claim to have seen shadow people whilst being wide awake, walking, in the daytime. Visions are extremely similar as seen below.


Characteristics of a Shadow Person:

  • Male-like though gender is not obvious.
  • Could be female in nature, but rare.
  • Usually tall.
  • Can be seen in a trench coat/cloak, or old fashion type over coat.
  • Can be seen with a hat.
  • 3-D in shape or opaque.
  • No eyes, though occasionally red eyes have been reported.
  • fast almost like lightning speed.
  • Usually silent.
  • Seem to have mass.
  • Seem to be able to defy common laws of physics (ex: can move through walls).
  • Can look spirit like/demonic.


Shadow Man – red eyes.


Shadow men




Shadow Hat man or hooded shadow man.


man shot against the light of a window (slow shutter speed, the man been on the picture for only part of the exposure and therefore a bit transparent)