What does it feel like?

When you fall into a Sleep Paralysis episode, Whether it whilst falling alseep or waking up,

Either way, your mind will wake up, Your body is ‘asleep’, You will feel frozen. Paralysis is just that, you will be completely paralyzed, unable to move any part of your body.

You’re unable to scream, you can imagine yourself screaming, but no sound will come out of your body, You can even “shake your head” vigerously back and forth, it will feel as though your head is really moving,  but this is not your real body moving. Some people claim this is your “second body” and some even claim this is your “soul”.

Some people cannot open their eyes during Sleep Paralysis, but a lot of people can. Some people falsly believe their eyes are open, and  awaken to find the room looks completely different to how they invisioned it.

If you can truly open your eyes, you will know your surroundings, If there is a clock in front of you, you will see the correct time, If you  have family in the room, you will see them. If your family know you’re in sleep paralysis and wave fingers infront of you, you will  correctly give the amount of fingers they show you. Your mind is genuinly awake.

Your chest will feel pressure, especially if you’re laying on your back due to decreased blood flow, some people  have it worse than others, Breathing is difficult, especially when you try to fight it, through fear, you stress yourself out, you cannot breathe propery and you feel as though you’re seconds from passing out or even dying, that is no exxageration, A lot of people feel as though death is near during sleep paralysis.

You have a choice to either fight it or accept it, accepting it will result in an easier experience. You can’t win the fight.

You can be in sleep paralysis from minutes to hours.

A lot of people do not see anything, no visions, ‘hallucinatons’,  but for  some, Numerous accounts of shadow people, cat like creatures, old hag (old hag syndrome) are common.

When you have these visions, Some are more vivid than others, Shadow people tend to be listed as one of the scariest visions. They walk around you, with an overwhelming evil presence, Most people who see shadow people have very similar accounts, including charectaristicts. Click here to for images

People cannot explain the evil, even whilst not afraid themselves in sleep paralysis, especially people who have suffered for years, there is an evil aura surrounding shadow people during sleep paralysis. People are often asked “If this is something more, Could shadow people be good?” and almost nobody who experiences shadow people will give you a “yes” answer, they always feel evil.

Some observe and some attack, and when attacked, it will feel real, People experiencing sleep paralysis will not “imagine an attack” like a dream where they are unlikely to phsically feel anything, but they will physically feel it just as though someone is touching them in real life, It is a vidid and a real situation for them.

If you imagine someone pricked your finger  in real life, you know it will hurt but if you dream it, you won’t really feel what it feels like, you will “imagine” what it feels like, but in sleep paralysis, if something pricked your finger, you’re likely to look at your finger wondering where the cut is due to hightened senses.

This is how real sleep paralysis is to the sufferer.